About ABBA Restaurant


 ABBA Restaurants is known for excellent service and we always give our customers a nice response.

The restaurant serves food of the highest quality and we are extremely careful about cleanliness when cooking and storing food.

We serve very affordable well-prepared and tasty food. You can also buy food for takeaway if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet on your front porch.

We bake all the bread in the wood oven and you can buy bread as well as cakes and buns in our well-stocked bakery counter. There you can also find gluten free cookies as Swedish chocolate balls and our famous ABBA snickers.

We have free WiFi so with us you can surf the net while enjoying a cup of coffee, a good dinner, or views of the ocean where dolphins sometimes play.

There are toys for the kids who can play within view of the large lawn behind the restaurant, while relaxing and we also provide high chairs for small children.

At ABBA you can exchange books for free, you leave a book and choose a new one from our well-stocked library. We provide books in many different languages.

If you plan to celebrate Christmas in Varkala, please sign up for our popular Christmas celebrations. Then we serve the food in the garden  and we use to arrange  a Christmas gift exchange. When you celebrate with us we serve Christmas gingerbread, chocolate balls and cake for free dessert .

If you want to celebrate birthday you can order your own designed cake and we gladly wipes up a table for the party.
We can help you to find good accommodation in Varkala Cliff and if you are planning a long time stay we can arrange contact to houses for rent.

We are also happy to find reputable and good ayurvedic treatments for you to fit your needs.