Varkala tourist resort is outstanding beautifully located on a cliff overlooking the sea. This part of the Kerala coast is known for its beautiful beaches.

Varkala is primarily known for its temples and many Hindus are make pilgrimages to the place. Over time, Varkala has become more and more popular among tourists for its small but beautiful beaches. The beaches along the big rock, Varkala Cliff, are located about 2 km from Varkala city.
The tourists in Varkala consists of all kinds of people from different corners of the world. Yet Varkala is far from over established, even if  you can find everything you need at the The Cliff.

Varkala has three beaches, The Black Beach, which is about 2-3 km long. It is located at the north and is named because of the black sand. Papanasam Beach, also known as Main Beach, and South Beach located at the south part of Varkala Beach. Papanasam Beach is located directly under the center of the cliff. Right above Papanasam Beach you'll find ABBA Restaurant and you can enjoy the magnificent sunset view together with a cold beer or a nice dinner.

The nearest airport is located in the state capital Trivandrum and called Trivandrum airport. It is an international airport and from Trivandrum you can either take a taxi, or train to Varkala. By car it takes about 1 hour, by train and about 1 hour.

There are many options when it comes to accommodation. You'll find everything from expensive luxury resorts to modest room for 10 Euro per night. ABBA Restaurant will be happy to help you to find a good accommodation.

There is a wide selection of restaurants on the cliff with food from all over the world. Most restaurants offer fish dishes of various kinds, and many have a good selection and also makes sure to use fresh ingredients.

There are a variety of shops along the cliff that sells clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs of all kinds. You'll also find small supermarkets where you can buy most all you need.

From Varkala is it easy to get on in Kerala. You have buses and trains going from Varkala town and we strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to look around this beautiful state, also called Gods own country.

Kerala is known for its large Backwater system, a duct system with fresh water that runs along the coast. On board one of the hundreds of house boats you are floating past paddy fields and villages with lushy vegetation and rich wildlife.

In north Kerala you will find Munnar, a small village in the Cardamom Mountains. Here you find some of the world's highest tea plantations.

If you go a few hours by train south you come to  Kanyakumari at the southern tip of India. This sacred place is a place of pilgrimage because of its many temples. Here you can enjoy the sunset and see the three oceans meet.

Kerala is the homeland of ayurveda, the age-old science of life, and in Kerala you should definitely take the opportunity to get an ayurvedic massage in which the body is massaged according to tradition, with plenty of herbal oils. You can also find a wide selection of more comprehensive Ayurvedic treatments.
The hinterland you find mountainous chain Għat which attracts with its fresh air, exciting spice plantations and tea plantations that produces some of the tea we drink in Europe.

Natural Park Periyar is located in Western Ghats and the bus trip goes over the channels, through paddy fields and mango plantations and then begin the arduous climbing the switchback up to around 2000 meters altitude. There you will find Periyar Lake, an artificial lake which was built by the Englishmen in 1895. The animals come down to drink and in the lake you can see the sea turtles.

There are many beautiful places to visit in Gods own country!